Game: Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp ID:1140270
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Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp
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Description "Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp" brings you more of the world's best (and maybe only?) multiplayer dating sim; but in a way you've never expected!
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Release Day 2020-10-23
Wilson Score 0.96
Steam-% 99
Category Co-op Cross-Platform Multiplayer Full controller support Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player Online Co-op Online Multi-Player PvP Remote Play Together Remote Play on TV Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Cloud
Genres Indie
UserTags 2D Casual Choose Your Own Adventure Comedy Dark Comedy Dating Sim Fantasy Funny Indie LGBTQ+ Memes Multiplayer Multiple Endings Online Co-Op Romance Sequel Singleplayer Story Rich Text-Based Visual Novel


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associations Developer: Beautiful Glitch
Publisher: Beautiful Glitch
Other: Monster PromMonster Camp
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