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Description 9th Dawn III: Shadow of Erthil is a massive open world RPG/dungeon crawler packed full of content – featuring more than 270 monsters to fight and capture, a fun card game with 180 cards to collect, and over 1,400 unique items to hoard!
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Release Day 2020-10-06
Wilson Score 0.86
Steam-% 90
Category Co-op Full controller support Local Co-op Multi-player Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Cloud
Genres Action Adventure Indie RPG
UserTags 2D Action Action-Adventure Character Customization Co-op Campaign Collectathon Crafting Dungeon Crawler Exploration Fishing Hack and Slash Hunting Medieval Mining Old School Open World Pixel Graphics RPG Top-Down Twin Stick Shooter


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associations Developer: Valorware
Publisher: Valorware
Other: 9th Dawn
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