Game: Codename: Terranova ID:1236670
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Codename: Terranova
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Description Codename: Terranova is a Co-Op Communication Game between two Players: Agent (PC) and Operator (Web App) . Speed and precision are required to complete the Mission within the time limit and set a new record. Will you have the necessary concentration?
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Release Day 2020-07-27
Wilson Score 0.49
Steam-% 71
Category Co-op Full controller support Multi-player Online Co-op Steam Achievements Steam Cloud
Genres Action Casual Early Access Indie
UserTags 3D Platformer Action Action-Adventure Arcade Asynchronous Multiplayer Co-op Co-op Campaign Early Access Experimental Exploration Family Friendly First-Person Hacking Indie Modern Multiplayer Online Co-Op Puzzle Puzzle Platformer Time Management


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associations Developer: ACGames
Publisher: ACGames
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controller_support full
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