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Under Lock
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Description Under Lock is a multiplayer asymmetrical PvP horror game for 5 players (4 survivors versus 1 monster). Take the role of a survivor with the goal to outsmart the monster and escape from lockdown. Or choose one from several unique monsters to hunt down and devour the victims.
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Release Day 2021-01-12
Wilson Score 0.67
Steam-% 70
Category Co-op LAN Co-op LAN PvP Multi-player Online Co-op Online Multi-Player PvP Single-player Steam Achievements Tracked Motion Controller Support VR Supported
Genres Action Early Access Indie
UserTags 3D Action Action RPG Asymmetric VR Atmospheric Co-op Dark First-Person Horror Indie Multiplayer Perma Death PvP Realistic Supernatural Survival Survival Horror Team-Based Thriller VR


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associations Developer: NioTum
Publisher: NioTum
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releasestate released
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