Game: Slip 'n Dip ID:1360790
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Slip 'n Dip
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Description Slip 'n Dip is a local multiplayer game where up to 4 penguins fight for survival on rapidly melting ice. Jump and slide around the ice to knock off your opponents before they can knock you off!
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Release Day 2020-08-04
Wilson Score 0.43
Steam-% 75
Category Full controller support Local Multi-Player Multi-player PvP Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen
Genres Casual
UserTags 3D 3D Fighter Arcade Battle Royale Beat 'em up Beautiful Cartoony Casual Cold War Colorful Combat Cute Family Friendly Fighting Funny Nature Philosophical Snow Stylized Top-Down


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associations Developer: Team Egghead
Publisher: Team Egghead
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