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Similo: The Card Game
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Description The official adaptation of Similo, the critically acclaimed cooperative guessing game illustrated by world famous artist Naïade. Play together with players from all over the world Online or locally with your friends in Local Pass & Play mode!
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Release Day 2020-09-17
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Category Co-op Cross-Platform Multiplayer Local Co-op Multi-player Online Co-op Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen
Genres Casual
UserTags 2D Board Game Card Game Cartoon Cartoony Casual Co-op Colorful Comic Book Cute Design & Illustration Family Friendly Hand-drawn Local Co-Op Local Multiplayer Multiplayer Online Co-Op Puzzle Social Deduction Tabletop


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associations Developer: Horrible Guild
Publisher: Horrible Guild
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name_localized {"french":"Similo : le Jeu de Cartes","german":"Similo: Das Kartenspiel","italian":"Similo: Il Gioco di Carte","spanish":"Similo: El Juego de Cartas"}
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