Game: Yuligans: Christmas is Coming! ID:1457990
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Yuligans: Christmas is Coming!
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Description Yuligans: Christmas is Coming! is a couch co-op, choice driven game that puts you and your loved ones in the role of Santa’s Elves in the mad dash to prepare for Christmas Eve! Will this year’s sleigh ride go off without a hitch, or will it be another year without a Santa Claus?
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Release Day 2020-11-24
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Category Co-op Cross-Platform Multiplayer Local Co-op Multi-player Online Co-op Partial Controller Support Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player
Genres Adventure Casual Indie RPG
UserTags 2D Adventure Casual Choices Matter Choose Your Own Adventure Comedy Fantasy Funny Great Soundtrack Indie Interactive Fiction Local Co-Op Local Multiplayer Multiplayer Multiple Endings Online Co-Op Party Game RPG Story Rich Visual Novel


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associations Developer: The Worst of Friends
Publisher: The Worst of Friends
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