Game: Goons: Legends of the Hockeyverse ID:1484180
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Goons: Legends of the Hockeyverse
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Description A frantic blend of Beat' em up and arcade hockey that plays like perpetual fights in various themed levels, opposing teams of heroes outfitted with unique abilities. Insane sports action like you've never seen before!
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Release Day 2021-02-26
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Category Co-op Full controller support Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player Online Co-op Online Multi-Player PvP Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements
Genres Action Casual Sports
UserTags 3D Action Arcade Casual Class-Based Co-op Colorful Funny Hero Shooter Hockey Local Multiplayer Multiplayer Party Physics PvE PvP RPG Singleplayer Skating Sports


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associations Developer: RageCure Games
Publisher: Firestoke
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