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Description Seal the Gate Of Doom forever! Gate of Doom is a classic arcade multiplayer action RPG originally released in 1990. You and a friend take on the role of one of four heroes of prophecy, the knight Carl F. Graystone, the wizard Fraya Edirne, the bard Riger Hawk, or the ninja Kirikaze.
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Release Day 2021-03-02
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Category Co-op Local Co-op Multi-player Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player
Genres Action Adventure RPG
UserTags 1990's 2D Action Action RPG Arcade Archery Assassin Co-op Colorful Dungeon Crawler Hack and Slash Isometric Local Co-Op Local Multiplayer Medieval Ninja Party-Based RPG Pixel Graphics Retro RPG


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associations Developer: Data East
Publisher: Ziggurat612 Games
Other: Dark Seal
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