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Dragon Hunters
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Description A DICE BASED FANTASY BOARD GAME SYSTEM Play up to 4 Characters by yourself or race against your friends and family with Local Multi-player (2-4 players), while gaining levels, items, and experience as you battle over 30 different monsters before confronting the foreboding Dragon.
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Release Day 2021-12-04
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Category Co-op Full controller support Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player PvP Shared/Split Screen Single-player
Genres Action Adventure Indie RPG Strategy
UserTags 3D Adventure Atmospheric Board Game Casual Dark Fantasy Demons Dragons Dungeon Crawler Exploration Fantasy Loot RPG Strategy Strategy RPG Tactical RPG Third Person Top-Down Turn-Based Strategy Turn-Based Tactics


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associations Developer: Sigonheart Games LLC
Publisher: Sigonheart Games LLC
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