Game: Retro Classix: Night Slashers ID:1627220
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Description Take on hordes of frightful foes in this horror-themed beat ‘em up arcade brawler from Data East. You control one of three fighters whose sole objective is to deliver the beatdown to throngs of classic horror monsters. Time to show these abominations what a nightmare really looks like!
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Release Day 2021-06-24
Wilson Score 0.28
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Category Co-op Local Co-op Multi-player Partial Controller Support Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player
Genres Action Adventure
UserTags 1990's 2D Action Action-Adventure Arcade Beat 'em up Dark Demons Hacking Horror Old School Pixel Graphics Retro Side Scroller Stylized Supernatural Thriller Vampire Werewolves Zombies


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associations Developer: Data East
Publisher: Ziggurat612 Games
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