Game: Murder Miners ID:274900
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Murder Miners
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Description The #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game. Halo-inspired. Destructible/constructible environments. Vehicles. Zombie survival. Hookshots. Infection mode: Be the zombie & eat the dead to level up your zombie abilities. We host 30-player games every week. Join us!
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Release Day 2014-07-25
Wilson Score 0.84
Steam-% 85
Category Co-op Cross-Platform Multiplayer Full controller support Includes level editor Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player Online Co-op Online Multi-Player PvP Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Trading Cards Steam Workshop
Genres Action Casual Indie
UserTags 4 Player Local Action Arena Shooter Battle Royale Building Co-op Competitive Controller First-Person FPS Indie Level Editor Local Multiplayer Multiplayer PvP Sandbox Shooter Split Screen Voxel Zombies


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associations Developer: JForce Games
Publisher: JForce Games
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metacritic_name Murder Miners
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