Game: Parcel ID:316080
STEAMVOTE:88%, 131 Votes
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Description Parcel is an atmospheric block-pushing puzzle game where your goal is to solve interlocking laser puzzles by using the unique abilities of different characters. Switch between members of your team of postpeople and make your way through mind benders in a charming, ridiculous cyberpunk future!
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Cards 6
Release Day 2015-04-22
Wilson Score 0.83
Steam-% 88
Category Full controller support Includes level editor Multi-player Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Cloud Steam Trading Cards Steam Workshop
Genres Adventure Indie Strategy
UserTags Adventure Atmospheric Cute Early Access Futuristic Indie Puzzle Sci-fi Sokoban Strategy


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associations Developer: Polar Bunny Ltd
Publisher: Polar Bunny Ltd
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controller_support full
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metacritic_name Parcel
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releasestate released
review_percentage 87
review_score 8
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