Game: Super Cane Magic ZERO ID:336440

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Super Cane Magic ZERO
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Description Super Cane Magic ZERO is a comedy action RPG. It features a large, handcrafted game world full of secrets to explore, in addition randomly generated dungeons and local PVP arenas. Fight solo or local co-op, get gear, eat bombs, crawl ridiculous dungeons and kill all the vegetables!
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Cards 9
Release Day 2015-08-26
Wilson Score 0.84473869510399
Steam-% 92
Category Full controller support Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Cloud Steam Trading Cards
Genres Action Early Access Indie RPG
UserTags 2D 4 Player Local Action Action RPG Adventure Cartoony Casual Co-op Co-op Campaign Colorful Comedy Cute Dungeon Crawler Early Access Funny Hack and Slash Hand-drawn Indie Local Co-Op Local Multiplayer Loot RPG Singleplayer
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