Game: Armed with Wings: Rearmed ID:340580
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Armed with Wings: Rearmed
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Description You are the sword; cut down your foes with steel and thunder. You are the wings; explore the skies and uncover unreachable mysteries. Embark on a journey through a vicious world ruled by darkness and imperial tyranny - the lands of Blackmist.
Bundled 2
Cards 5
Release Day 2017-06-01
Wilson Score 0.86
Steam-% 89
Category Full controller support Local Multi-Player Multi-player PvP Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Leaderboards Steam Trading Cards
Genres Action Indie
UserTags 2D 2D Fighter Action Assassin Beat 'em up Early Access Fantasy Hack and Slash Indie Ninja Platformer Puzzle Platformer Remake Side Scroller Singleplayer Stylized Swordplay


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associations Developer: Sun-Studios
Publisher: Sun-Studios
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controller_support full
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metacritic_name Armed with Wings: Rearmed
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releasestate released
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