Game: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance ID:433300
STEAMVOTE:60%, 514 Votes
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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance +1
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Description Marvel Ultimate Alliance lets players create their ultimate team from the largest Super Hero alliance ever as they engage in an epic quest to determine the fate of the Marvel Universe.
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Release Day 2016-07-26
Wilson Score 0.59
Steam-% 60
Category Co-op Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player Online Co-op Online Multi-Player Partial Controller Support Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements
Genres Action Adventure RPG
UserTags Action Adventure Co-op Comic Book RPG Singleplayer Superhero


Datatyp Data
associations Developer: Zoë Mode
Publisher: Activision
community_hub_visible 1
community_visible_stats 1
controller_support partial
languages {"english":"1","italian":"1"}
metacritic_name MUA1
oslist windows
primary_genre 1
releasestate released
review_percentage 60
review_score 5
small_capsule {"english":"capsule_231x87.jpg"}
steam_release_date 1469552280
store_asset_mtime 1469566338
supported_languages {"english":{"supported":"true","full_audio":"true","subtitles":"true"},"italian":{"supported":"true","subtitles":"true"}}
changenumber 11101400
root_ufs {"quota":"5000000","maxnumfiles":"1","savefiles":{"0":{"root":"gameinstall","path":"SavesDir","pattern":"*.sav","platforms":{"1":"Windows"}}}}