Game: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 ID:433320
STEAMVOTE:50%, 335 Votes
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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 +1
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Description As Civil War is stirred, Iron Man leads the Pro-Registration side while Captain America spearheads the stand on Anti-Registration.
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Release Day 2016-07-26
Wilson Score 0.49
Steam-% 50
Category Co-op Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player Online Co-op Partial Controller Support Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements
Genres Action Adventure RPG
UserTags Action Adventure Co-op Comic Book Multiplayer RPG Singleplayer Superhero


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associations Developer: Zoë Mode
Publisher: Activision
community_hub_visible 1
community_visible_stats 1
controller_support partial
metacritic_name Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
oslist windows
primary_genre 1
releasestate released
review_percentage 49
review_score 5
small_capsule {"english":"capsule_231x87.jpg"}
steam_release_date 1469552400
store_asset_mtime 1469566104
supported_languages {"english":{"supported":"true","full_audio":"true","subtitles":"true"}}
changenumber 9772599
root_ufs {"quota":"5000000","maxnumfiles":"1","savefiles":{"0":{"root":"gameinstall","path":"SavesDir","pattern":"*.sav","platforms":{"1":"Windows"}}}}