Game: Pyre ID:462770

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Description Pyre is a party-based RPG from the creators of Bastion and Transistor. Lead your band of exiles to freedom through a series of mystical competitions in the Campaign, or challenge a friend to a fast-paced ritual showdown in the head-to-head Versus Mode.
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Cards 8
Release Day 2017-07-25
Wilson Score 0.87492837830672
Steam-% 91
Category Captions available Full controller support Local Multi-Player Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Cloud Steam Trading Cards
Genres Action Indie RPG
UserTags Action Adventure Atmospheric Choices Matter Colorful Fantasy Great Soundtrack Hand-drawn Indie Interactive Fiction Local Multiplayer Lore-Rich Multiple Endings Party-Based RPG RPG Singleplayer Sports Story Rich Stylized Visual Novel
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