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Description SEGA’s legendary Japanese series finally comes to PC. Fight like hell through Tokyo and Osaka as junior yakuza Kiryu and Majima. Take a front row seat to 1980s life in Japan in an experience unlike anything else in video gaming, with uncapped framerates and 4K resolutions. A legend is born.
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Release Day 2018-08-01
Wilson Score 0.94
Steam-% 94
Category Full controller support Multi-player Remote Play on Phone Remote Play on TV Remote Play on Tablet Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Cloud Steam Leaderboards Steam Trading Cards
Genres Action Adventure RPG
UserTags Action Adventure Atmospheric Beat 'em up Comedy Crime Dating Sim Drama Funny Great Soundtrack JRPG Mature Minigames Open World RPG Sexual Content Singleplayer Story Rich Third Person Violent


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associations Developer: SEGA
Publisher: SEGA
Other: Yakuza
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controller_support full
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metacritic_name Yakuza 0
metacritic_score 86
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releasestate released
review_percentage 94
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