Game: Killer Queen Black ID:663670
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Killer Queen Black
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Description An epic platform strategy game for up to 8 players online or locally. Play casually in quick play matches, up the intensity in ranked matches, or invite friends to a private room. Play cross-platform with players on Nintendo Switch and Steam!
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Cards 15
Release Day 2019-10-11
Wilson Score 0.89
Steam-% 92
Category Co-op Cross-Platform Multiplayer Full controller support Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player Online Co-op Online Multi-Player PvP Remote Play Together Remote Play on Phone Remote Play on TV Remote Play on Tablet Shared/Split Screen Steam Trading Cards
Genres Action Casual Indie Sports Strategy
UserTags 2D 2D Fighter 2D Platformer 4 Player Local Action Arcade Casual Co-op Controller eSports Indie Local Co-Op Local Multiplayer Multiplayer Online Co-Op Pixel Graphics Platformer Replay Value Sports Strategy


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associations Developer: Liquid Bit, LLCBumbleBear Games, LLC
Publisher: Liquid Bit, LLC
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controller_support full
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metacritic_name Killer Queen Black
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