Game: Bouncy Bob ID:680620
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Description Simple experimental one button local multiplayer game. Perfect for parties with friends (up to 4 people on 1 keyboard). It also has a single mode in which you jump on platforms and use double jumps and multiple power-ups to defeat the army of the undead!
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Release Day 2017-10-24
Wilson Score 0.8
Steam-% 86
Category Local Multi-Player Multi-player Partial Controller Support PvP Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements
Genres Action Casual Indie
UserTags 2D 2D Fighter 2D Platformer Action Atmospheric Beat 'em up Cartoon Casual Combat Cute Dark Dark Humor Funny Horror Physics Platformer PvP Relaxing Singleplayer Zombies


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associations Developer: All Those MomentsSleepwalking Potatoes
Publisher: Sleepwalking Potatoes
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metacritic_name Bouncy Bob
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