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Space Viking Raiders
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Description Co-op action role-playing comedy in a sci-fi multiverse. 3-5 hour campaign, 1-4 players online! Badass abilities will have you wreck havoc with physics and mass destruction. The best vikings use their limited energy to efficiently wipe out hordes of enemies. PvE MOBA-style hack-and-cast!
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Release Day 2019-01-14
Wilson Score 0.65927174641403
Steam-% 79
Category Captions available Co-op Cross-Platform Multiplayer Full controller support Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player Online Co-op Online Multi-Player Shared/Split Screen Single-player Stats Steam Achievements
Genres Action Adventure Casual Indie RPG Strategy
UserTags Action Adventure Arcade Casual Co-op Dungeon Crawler Gore Great Soundtrack Indie Interactive Fiction Local Co-Op MOBA Online Co-Op RPG Space Story Rich Strategy Violent
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