Game: Brimstone Brawlers ID:780270
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Brimstone Brawlers
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Description Grab your friends and head into the chaotic city of Brimstone! This PvP arena brawler will have you mastering an ever growing roster of peculiar characters with unique MOBA-style abilities. Battle it out in dynamic arenas full of hazards, in both local and online multiplayer.
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Release Day 2020-05-20
Wilson Score 0.86
Steam-% 91
Category Full controller support Local Multi-Player Multi-player Online Multi-Player PvP Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen
Genres Action Casual Early Access Indie
UserTags 3D 3D Fighter 4 Player Local Action Casual Character Customization Early Access Fighting Gothic Hero Shooter Indie Local Multiplayer Lovecraftian MOBA Multiplayer Physics PvP Soundtrack Steampunk Stylized


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associations Developer: Ategig
Publisher: Ategig
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metacritic_name Brimstone Brawlers
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