Game: Takelings House Party ID:868150

STEAMVOTE:87%, 114 Votes
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Takelings House Party
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Description A frantic and whimsical local multiplayer party game for VR. Takelings have invaded this quiet suburban home and it's up to Hal to exterminate these pests using whatever means necessary!
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Release Day 2019-07-25
Wilson Score 0.82266662654288
Steam-% 87
Category Co-op Full controller support Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player PvP Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen
Genres Casual Early Access Indie
UserTags 4 Player Local Asymmetric VR Casual Co-op Colorful Early Access Indie Local Co-Op Local Multiplayer Minigames Multiplayer VR
Cronjobs Tasks to Run (4)