Game: CYPEST Underground ID:973860
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CYPEST Underground
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Description As a computer virus you are infiltrating various servers and avoid their defense systems to reach the CPU. Collect secret files and folders to land as high as possible in the highscore list.
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Release Day 2018-12-18
Wilson Score 0.41
Steam-% 83
Category Local Multi-Player Multi-player Partial Controller Support PvP Remote Play Together Single-player Stats Steam Achievements
Genres Action Casual Indie
UserTags 2D Abstract Action Action-Adventure Arcade Casual Colorful Competitive Hacking Indie Local Multiplayer Minimalist Multiplayer Old School PvP Retro Runner Singleplayer Surreal Top-Down


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associations Developer: Gravitation Art
Publisher: Gravitation Art
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controller_support partial
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metacritic_name CYPEST Underground
oslist windows
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releasestate released
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