Game: Snack Tick ID:1356260
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Snack Tick
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Description In order to survive as an Alien Insect, you have to obtain sustenance, find cover and avoid the bigger Aliens! In this Multiplayer party Adventure, players will be able to take control of various bugs with different abilities in a variety of locations.
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Release Day 2020-09-22
Wilson Score 0.39
Steam-% 75
Category Co-op Full controller support Local Co-op Local Multi-Player Multi-player PvP Remote Play Together Remote Play on TV Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Cloud
Genres Casual Indie
UserTags 3D 4 Player Local Aliens Arcade Cartoony Casual Co-op Creature Collector Heist Indie Local Co-Op Local Multiplayer Multiplayer Multiple Endings Party PvP Score Attack Singleplayer Survival Top-Down


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associations Developer: V Master
Publisher: V Master
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