Game: Smash'em ID:1591120
STEAMVOTE:89%, 19 Votes
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Description There are far too many monsters in this world, so they must all be smashed. Use variety of weapons and power ups to kill them all!
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Release Day 2021-04-30
Wilson Score 0.56
Steam-% 89
Category Co-op Local Co-op Multi-player Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements
Genres Action Casual
UserTags 2D Action Arcade Archery Bullet Hell Co-op Combat Demons Female Protagonist Gun Customization Linear Local Co-Op Magic Nature Pixel Graphics Relaxing Score Attack Singleplayer Spectacle fighter Top-Down


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associations Developer: Longer Games
Publisher: Longer Games
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releasestate released
review_percentage 89
review_score 7
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steam_release_date 1619773484
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