Game: Sid Meier's Civilization VI ID:289070

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Sid Meier's Civilization VI
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Description Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. Play as one of 20 historical leaders including Roosevelt (America) and Victoria (England).
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Release Day 2016-10-20
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Steam-% 81
Category Cross-Platform Multiplayer LAN PvP Local Multi-Player Multi-player Native Steam Controller Support Online Multi-Player PvP Remote Play Together Remote Play on Tablet Shared/Split Screen Single-player Steam Achievements Steam Trading Cards Steam Turn Notifications Steam Workshop
Genres Strategy
UserTags 4X Atmospheric Building City Builder Co-op Grand Strategy Great Soundtrack Hex Grid Historical Management Moddable Multiplayer Online Co-Op Simulation Singleplayer Strategy Tactical Turn-Based Turn-Based Strategy War
Cronjobs Tasks to Run (398)