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Loco Bonobo
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Description Loco Bonobo is an indie platform shooter with ragdoll physics, gory mayhem and princess rides! Die constantly like you deserve whilst kicking ass as a lobotomized lab monkey slaughtering a never-ending barrage of evil clones!
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Release Day 2022-02-17
Wilson Score 0.25
Steam-% 50
Category Co-op Local Co-op Multi-player Partial Controller Support Remote Play Together Shared/Split Screen Single-player
Genres Action Indie
UserTags 2D 4 Player Local Action Capitalism Cartoon Combat Dark Humor Dystopian Gore Hack and Slash Indie Local Co-Op Physics Platformer Post-apocalyptic Satire Shoot 'Em Up Shooter Side Scroller War


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associations Developer: dwicko
Publisher: dwicko
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